pls help to under stand the java program

create a program that will ask the user to input a string and will display a list of letters of the alphabet with its corresponding occurence count.The program will count the number of occurence of each letter in the string and will print a series of asterisks corresponding to the number of each letter's occurence. The string can have uppercase and lowercase characters.

nothing but very simple basic stuff: a for loop, an if statement, ...
write it down in subparts in pseudo code, for instance:

  • read a String
  • for n = 0 ; n < input.size
    get nth letter
    count # times letter occurs
    print n
    for l = 0; l < # times
    print *

once you have that, write the subparts in javacode and use them together.

what is subparts? how can i run the program.. actually i don,t know even basic.. im knew in program. pls help

we have project in java.. how to create this program. display this folowing module:
[1]Add New Student Grade
[2]Edit Existing Student Grades
[3]Delete Existing Student Grades
[4]Display List of Students Grades
[5]Back to Main Menu

by writing the code.
it's already been divided in subtasks, so do them one at the time.

for your question: what are subparts - a word is a subpart of a sentence.
a method is a subpart of a class, a class is a subpart of an application.