I seem to have screwed the whole process of updating Java to 10 simply because I could not stop the stupid process after I realized that I couldn't take 9 off at the same time. Uh, kinda stupid thing to try, true, but anything worth its salt won't let you do that anymore. I forgot, of course, that this was Oracle Java I was dealing with. So, what do I do now. Apparently downloading a full version of 10 is not going to work. Guess I could do a roll back, but man, what an effing PAIN!! It is well known that you get rid of old Java. Every damn thing in the world will do that for you automatically, but Java, well....it is under effing Oracle now so...At this point I am not too worried except for LibreOffice which might need it. At any rate, how the F do I get Java back, and more to the point, do I really want/need it?

Current Java is 1.7 (also called Java 7, just to confuse everybody). What exactly are you referring to with Java 9 or 10?