I have one table with content of data with a Status (Yes/No).

I want to get sum of total data where status is "yes"and put it into another table and sum of total data where status is "no" and put it into previous table in a different column to maintain stock.


If you are using SQL as a backend, you try the command:

Dim cmd As New Oledb.OledbCommand("INSERT INTO table2(YesCount) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table1 WHERE table1.Status='Yes'",YourConnection)

Give this a try

I want to get sum of total data where status is "yes"

What you should provide is

  1. the structure of all relevant tables
  2. perhaps a few records with an example of the before and after

This is particularly helpful if you are trying to explain the problem in a language that is likely not your native tongue.

To eager to solve questions. Sorry. :(

I have 2 tables one is receive and another is sale table.
Receive Table contains

Sale Table contains

Now how i can see the stock report after calulating above 2 tables, stock report format like below:


Waiting for someone's valuable reply..


Actually i have an another table from which calculation can be done, thats whay i have posted by calculating TRUE and FALES status followed by the modelcode description colour in a particular datewise stock.
tables is given below:

want to see tha stock till a particular date, sumation of total true and false status followed by the modelcode description and colour minus sumation of modelcode description and colour where status is false.


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