A player is good if the following conditions are satisfied:

He is either from “India”, “Japan” or “Korea”
He has a minimum of 3 years of experience
He has won at least 3 major tournaments, and one of them must be "World Championship Tournament".
He must know more than 10 techniques. (but see next question)
If he knows less than 10 techniques, then he must be a world champion.
His name contains at least 3 words. For example "Sachin Tendulkar" will not meet this condition.
Write a method:

boolean isGoodPlayer(String name, String country, int yearsExperience, String[] majorTournamentsWon, String[] techniques, boolean isWorldChampion)

can anyone write a code in c based on the above info?

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can anyone write a code in c based on the above info?

Yes, can you?

Chinmayi,we are not suppose to do any homework.Try yourself..If there is any error.Post it here and then we can help you.

do it yourself first,if got any error we will guide you


I'm a wise daniweb member and as such I'd like to inform you that we do not do your homework here as stated in the rules. Ofcourse this has been mentioned by 3 other people in this thread already making this completely redundant but my calling as an enforcer of the law is simply too strong even though there's already too many of us. This doesn't stop me however as it's proven to be an easy way to get upvotes, mainly from my fellow law enforcers. In addition I also like to think it makes me come across as an established and seasoned member. One could argue that reputation points are useless as it doesn't really unlock any benefits but in my opinion it adds a lot actually because the more I have, the more humble people will become in my presence; or atleast I like to think so!



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