I have 5 jtextfield in my jframe with 5 jbitton. I just want to move the cursor from jtextfield1 to jtextfiled2 and then to jtextfield3 and so on when I press tab key.
This can be done in C# very easily by setting the tab sequence while designing the form. But I didn't found any relevant answer for this in java. I am using Netbeans 7.1 and JDK 7.

Please some one guide me how can it be possible in Java.

Regards to all

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If you put your textfields in horizontal direction then it automatically go focus on next textfield by pressing tab
that means you put your textfield like

jtextfield1    jtextfiled2    jtextfield3    jtextfield4  jtextfiled5 
commented: horizontal is irrelevant. Read link from previous post -3
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