Hello! Currently I am making an application in C#.NET with tabs, I have all of the functionality down it's just the look of them...
I was interested in how this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWxUPuSkwNs (skip to 4:00) got his tabs to look like that. Those styled tabs are also in Notepad++ (I know thats C++ but still). I was wondering if anyone knew how this is done since the normal styling doesn't look good to me. Thanks!

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What version are you using? In my VS2010 that is the standard look of the tab control.

I'm using Visual C# 2010 Express.

So this is very odd your saying? This is what mine look like if it matters:
Thanks for any help!

test11 It might be because you're using the express version. Just in case there's something you can change, here's a picture of the properties of the first tab.

Hmm Everything seems to be in order. Thanks though! Should I upgrade somehow? I don't know if the full version is paid or not.

Full version requires a payment, there is a trial version, but I'm not sure what restrictions come with it, or if you can even still get it. A site like Amazon might have some used ones for sale. Here's an articleon making your tab control, complete with source. Perhaps you can create your style with this.

Alright thanks for the help.

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