I had previously posted many question on SSID and have been solved successfully with your help.
Once again the question is related with SSID.

When i have my wireless router attached to PC, i can see the router name .
Is there anyway to stop broadcasting the SSID name using C++ code.

Why would you need to do that, other than being a hacker who likes to shut down people's wifi networks? If you want to turn it off just log into the router and turn it off. Once off you don't need to turn it back on.

@ancient dragon,

hi, this is one requirement from client. Eventually, they dont require to see their router name b broadcasted !!! Its a simple socket NFC program. The client communicates with server via this router. So once this router is connected to PC via USB, i can see name among Wireless Network connection. Anyway to hide the name from showing?
Is this possible?

If they turn off broadcasting of the SSID from the router, then only wireless connections configured with that SSID and the security passphrase (key) will 'see' the SSID. Any other wireless connection will just see something like 'Unknown network'.

Good! that's the whole point of turning it off. If you need to connect a new device then turn it back on, connect the device, then turn it back off.

Thanks friends,

Dont want to rename the router.
If u can clarify this doubt of mine, it wud b gr8 help.

When the reader is connected to PC,i can see the wireless network name as "Router_123" and then the application works fine. Now when i unplug the reader from pc, naturally i wont be able to see the name.
Doubt is : According to prev reply
"If you need to connect a new device then turn it back on, connect the device, then turn it back off."
I dont understand this. Eventually the router name is displayed right?Then how it turn off nd on
Sorry, if u can , pls explain me this portion. I am confused here
My req. is when the reader is connected to PC, the name must not b broadcasted.