Hi All,
I need your guidance for a project (using Visual Studio + MFC) I'm doing. I want to create page flipping animation of a book. There should be a book and when I click on a key then the next page should be displayed. You get the idea?
Similar to the animation displayed here http://www.pageflip.hu/ but I have to do it in C++.

My background: I'm experienced in C++ but I'm learning C++ GUI only for last 2 days. :S
This is my first project at my job. I have to use MFC with Visual C++ for this project.

Where should I even start with this. Please suggest me libraries to make this task easier.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think you are going to have much luck with this. The animation on that page was made using flash (which is designed for easy animation) and is still very hard to make, this would be even more complex in C++. You are best just using a C++ graphics library and instead of making the pages flip (which is an extremely hard thing to animate), try making the page fade or blur to the next one, it will make your problem much smaller.

Hope this helps.

I agree with Hemsworth. C++ is a programming language. You project do not require any programming backbone. You should also use a similar animation suite. If Adobe Flash is not affordable, you might look at Open Flash http://www.osflash.org/
Also, have a look at http://www.openlaszlo.org/

It is not good to use a lift to pick up a feather .

I saw an android / ios application named " flipboard " and i wish to develop a similar app in vc++ using MFC . this FLIPBOARD app uses the flip page animation ... i observed it and i came to a conclusion that its just compressing the image of the current page so that it appears like the page is being flipped ( while the next page is shown ) . is it feasible to have nearly similar type of appearance in vc++ (MFC) ?

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