In our university following registration numbers are assigned to students


Where 786 is student ID, FBAS is faculty, BSSE is degree program and F12 is Batch.
Write a program that reads registration numbers of 20 students. Use array of structures for storing student information. Provide user with following menu option to find information of any student.

Find using:
Student ID
Degree Program

If user selects option 2, and enters FBAS as faculty then display records of all the students that are enrolled in FBAS. Information must be displayed in table format as

Student ID           Faculty              Degree program        Batch
786         FBAS                   BSSE                       F12

That's very nice. Do you have a question?

yes i do have, i dont know how to display records that are enrolled in FBAS?

Helpful functions will be; printf, strtok, fopen, strcmp.

How would you do this on paper? If I gave you this list:


and asked you to write out on paper for me every line with degree program BSSE, how would you do it?

This is programming. Thinking. You have to THINK about how to solve the problem.