I am new to XML. I have doubt. I am updating value of XmlAttributeCollection in XmlElement, whether my XmlElement gets updated or I need to go with some method to update my value in XmlElement. Here my code,

XmlElement xntemplate = xmldoc.SelectSingleNode("//TableTemplate//ColumnStateXML//state//colref [@id='" + sPropName[1].Trim() + "']") as XmlElement;

XmlAttributeCollection xattr = xntemplate.Attributes;

xattr["width"].Value = "2830";

Please suggest me to proceed.

Thanks in Advance.

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Why don't you display it and see?

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Why don't you display it and see?

Hi Momerath,

My xntemplate and xmldoc has updated value. But when I tried to save in XML file, thing not getting updated.

Here I used to call common save method and this save method works better when calling from other event.

Any suggestion ?

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