Hi I' haven't started this project yet so I'm just doing a research on how to modify a file on a server side via a client side.

Just to enlighten what is my question.

I want to create a server which will create:
1) the File (as a Directory) of each and every connected client and
2) if I had selected the client side I want from the connected list and click Do button
I want it to look for the correct selected client direcotry file and inside that directory file it will write a 3 files named placed, time and ready
and then
3) it will check if the file named free is writen to a file of each connected client if this file is placed the the state next to that connected client it will write free if the file is beasy then the state next to it on the server application will say not available.

The Client will then do this:
1) Check if the placed and ready and beasy files exist if not it will hide the password and username textboxs but it it exist then it will show the Username and password textboxs and the login and cancel buttons.
2) it will read the file name time to start counting down from the value that is inside the file and if the time equal to 0 then it will:
a) Remove the 3 files or delete the files from the server which are placed, time and ready
b) it will replace the beasy file with a free file.

I'm sorry to write long notes but I'm just enlighting what I need help on and I won't lie I haven't studyed the Networking I tried to do some practise but there were not a success.

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For the server you can do the following:

Get Client Name
Check if new client:

Dim pathscheme As String = PathOnServer & SomeUniqueClientValue 'Like a GUID
If IO.Directory.Exists(pathscheme) = False Then
End IF

On client Side, you do the same:

If IO.Directory.Exists(pathtoserver) = False Then
    MsgBox("No Directory Found @" & vbcrlf & pathtoserver)
    'Disable controls here
End If

As for the bulk of the code, you are going to have to write some before we can help you out.

Jea I know That I will try my best then see how far I go but as I said I tried and I faild to connect the two.

Here is a small project on CodeProject that you can use as a reference point.

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