Hello everyone... :)
I am a student and I have a project to work in but I dont know how to do it.. I have to create a database of the students of the school... I have to include name, marks, date of birth and i dont know what else... Could you please help me?

Thank you...

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Dear Ilda, I don't really understand, you need help in what data can be added to the database or how to create a database from zero ?
Please be more specific, Thank you :)

NB: You have to put some self effort and of course we will help you :)
Good Luck

Hey :)
Actually I have just started using JAVA but as always techers give us the hardest things as a homework! :P
I have to create a database from the ZERO I guess... I am not English and I am not a good user of JAVA. Maybe thats why you dont understand me! :P :)

I always try to do things myself and belive me that its the first time I am asking for some help. :/

Thank you....
Best regards...

you can use any tools for creating database..
but be specific...
You can create database using Microsoft Access, Microsoft Sql server..just go through it and create your database..

Or ask question in specific manner like what you wnat to do...?

This is ambiguous question ..you have asked..

Tell us more what you have tried or what you know about database, which one you are using?
But before to start doing everything directly on the computer, and since you are not very sure about the inforamtion you are going to insert in the DB, try to draw the tables and make the connections on a paper so you can easily create the tables in your DB

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several ways:
MS Access is quite easy, OpenOffice has an alternative, too.
MySQL is a more professional, yet still free database.
If you are intrested in a database written in Java, to implement in your project, you might want to look for Derby.

Since this is for a school assignment, I assume your DB (and it's design) has to be as good as possible. Writing down the tables and their columns is not a bad idea, but I would suggest you also take a look at Codd's normalization process.
It's pretty easy and it makes your DB a lot more efficiënt

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Actually I have just started using JAVA but as always techers give us the hardest things as a homework!

I found hard to believe that, databases are taken normally after 4-5 months that mean at minimum 12 weeks

Secondly forum rules are clear

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

And if you tried as you said, then post your code or problematic section

Thank you everyone for your comments... I am studing informatic-economist or smth like that, I dont know how to explain it in English! I am only in first year and we have started directly with JAVA...but we dont even know to use easier programming languages like C or Pascal... You understand? Even in high school i havent stydied informatic a lot... Anyway...

I think the idea of the project is to firstly create a table which contains the names of the students... Here the questions in: How to get all the names (100 students) from the computer? I know how to use: JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Give me the name of the student") but I have to do it 100 times? o.O
Isnt there a better way to fill the table with names?

Then in each column I have to write the year of study, Father's name, language they study, etc... But the problem is when I have to put on the table even the marks of each student, in each subject! How to do it when in each row I have the names of the student? Do I have to create another table where in each row to have the subject and in each column to have the marks? How to do it?

In the end I have to give a name of the student and then, the program has to give me the name of the father, the marks, ect...
You get it now? I dont! :/

Peter Budo, I was just joking when I said that teachers give us the hardest things as a homework! :)

I guess I havent read it James... Thanks a lot... I think it might help :)

Well I wasn't joking when I said show something you did. Nevertheless

Isnt there a better way to fill the table with names?

Yes there is number of ways how to populate table on first run, example check if table/database exists if not read SQL to build database/tables and then txt/csv or other type of file to insert initial values

As for what you want to have in tables you should know something about relational databases (meaning student entry shouldn't be one endless row of various data but stuff like student_detail_table{uniqueID, name, address, email}, courses_table{id, name, etc}, marks (studentId, courseId, mark, etc)) THINK ABOUT IT!

  1. for the User interface u may use jtxt fields to get students data or you can use a jtable.
    2.choose a database you want to use eg mysql,derby,sql any
    3.create a database eg "students" if you d hevent created one yet
    4.then create a table with the relevant columns if you hadnt created one yet
    5.now for inserting the data you can do this in a button click eventsay "insert button" jbtn.
    6.for returning a particular record you can use a jtextfield to get user input and a return btn to initiate the querying when its clicked.
    7.now the returned results/resultset you can display the records in a jtable or do anything with the returned records as you please.

    if you have questions abt anything i'll try to help !!!!!!!

Herbytech you really helped a lot..... Thnx...
Peter budo, smth I have done? Let me finish it and then, I'll send it to you!
Thank you to all of you indead!!! :)
Wish you all the best

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