This program accepts the name and ID of chess competition contenders. It then randomly assigns a pair of contenders to play against each other. The program predicts the result of each pair by a random result prediction function. The program then continues to pair the winners in the same method that it did in the first step and continues until the finalist is determined.
-   The program must display the result of each step and the finalist as 
-   The program must display the number of games for each contender
-   The program must display the winning and losing numbers for each contender
-   The program must display a contenders with the maximum and minimum winning rounds

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Hi Carolin, you forgot to post the link to your code snippet.

i just ask how can i do that program ?

i just ask how can i do that program ?

Please read our rules concerning homework, then ask a specific question.

By the way, "How do I do it?" is silly and unproductive because obviously the answer is you think about the problem, devise a solution, and write code to implement the solution.

Sorry, it just looked like it was a description of a code snippet you posted, but forgot to post it.

The basic idea may be:

  1. Define a class/structure/union player.
  2. Put the players in a list/vector/array container.
  3. Define an RNG (in the case of pyramidal exclusion) or permutation generator (in case of all vs. all) to extract cuoples of players.
  4. Add stats to each player at the end of the round.
  5. Delete losers from your container (in the case of pyramidal exclusion).
  6. Go to step 3.

How to implement this, it's up to you.

Good luck!

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