I want to download TASM fro Windows 7 32 bit. Please help me to download and install it.

Done any Google searches on this yet? Probably not. A simple Google search on the terms "Windows TASM" brings up a plethora of tutorials, FAQs, download sites, instructions, etc. including instructional videos. Try it!

TASM is an ancient program written for MS-DOS. I may be mistaken, but I do not think that Windows 7 any longer supports old MS-DOS programs.

Well, this person could install FreeDOS in a virtual machine and run TASM there... :-)

I've downloaded TASM 5. I've installed it also. But when I open it through the command prompt using the command ' edit add.asm ' , I get the reply as ' edit is not recognised as a internal or external command'

Please help me out.

Did you add the TASM bin directory to your PATH environment variable? If not, you'll have to navigate to that directory to run edit.exe.

Can you please explain me how do I set the PATH environment variable. I saved the TASM file in local disk c.