I am creating a windows application where the part of the application is like Extracting email-Address from all the emails which is in inbox & as well as in sent Item, And I am in a big confusion not getting how to extract email-address from emails

Hope to get a detailed information so that i can understand easily & i will be very thankfull for everyone

Thank you


Tell Me one thing.. Do You want extract Emails From you Gmail or hotmail Inobox? Is yes thats simple you need use IMAP or POP to extract all the mails

in the e-mail will be a 'From' field, that line should have the e-mail address

Here is the RFC for POP3 that you will need to use. It will tell you how to connect to the server, authenticate, download and pull apart the message.

Hint is Read about SYSTEM.NET.MAIL, to acheive your task

Thanks for your this posting.

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