Salut à tous. j'ai essayé d'installer apache solr serveur pour mon drupal, mais j'ai le message: "unable ti access jarfile start.jar". après mes nombreux essais, j'obtiens: "invalid or corrupt jarfile C:[suivi du chemin de monfichier]
j'ai besoin de l'installer. et rien des réponses que j'ai pu lire ici ne m'a servi.je ne parle pas tr-s bien anglais, j'espère que quelqu'un comprendra français et m'aidera soit en trduisant mon post, soit comprendre et me répondre directement.Dans l'attente, je vous dis merci.

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lailadah got "unable to access jarfile start.jar" when trying to instal Apache Solr server, but after many more tries got "invalid or corrupt jarfile C:[complete path to the file]". He's been unable to find any relevent answers on the web [or maybe lack of English skills prevented him from seeing the relevance? JC]
I know Daniweb rules say "post in English", but if someone genuinely can't then maybe we can still try to help.
If anyone out there has any suggestions I can help with translating English <> French


thanks JamesCherrill. i don't speak english very well but i can understand a little. And then i have google chrome.so i can got your comments in french or use google traduction.I need the answers in french, because this will be easy to apply.

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