Right everyone, here's my problem. I have just paid £45 for a book on Qt, have had a nightmere getting it sorted, and finally I can build apps to this extent...

I have an app, test.pro. I have built it using qmake test.pro -> make which works. I am using the MingW library within CodeBlocks on Windows 7x64. I have the exe all ready when... the file mingwm10.dll is missing from your computer, try re-installing and I have checked that in C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin\ there is DEFINATELY a mingwm10.dll file.

I am completely stuck, any help greatly appreciated!! :D

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Are you trying to run the exe file and getting this error? You might need to have the dll in the folder the exe file is in.


Yes I was, and you were 100% correct, I had to move another 3 .dlls into the folder but ahh well ;)

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