I would like to create a font file (like .ttfv or etc) by using java, how can I do it.
If java cannot create or edit font file, could you tell me which program language can do it?
I would like do it by programming without exists software.
I really need it. Thank you.

public static Font loadFont(String fontFileName)
        BaseFont base = null;

            base = BaseFont.createFont(Resource.class.getResource(fontFileName + "_font.ttf").toString(), BaseFont.WINANSI, true);
        catch (DocumentException | IOException e)

        Font font = new Font(base, Font.BOLD, 15);
        return font;

Structure of the program is:
src (folder)

core (package)
        //all (but one) classes used for program
    resources (package)
        class Resources (used to load resources into the "core" classes)

This is the snippet of the code which isn't working:

p = new Phrase("some random text");
pa = new Paragraph(p);

cr : Click Here

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