i am creating one project where i am using MDI system,
so when i am opoening MDICHild in MDI Parent it adds new title bar for MDI child.

I tried formborderstyle, have hide controlbox, max - min button but it dident worked ?

so can anyone have any solution ???

Thank You....

I must be a wizard!

I set the form border style to none and then set the form to maximize on form load.

Works like a charm for me.

Do you have any special form drawing code?

Ya i have one function which dynamically creates form design. So when i use opacity nd maximize in load event it first executes that function nd then meximizes somethime it didnt maximize..
I mean its working like 50 50.

Have you some how set the MaximumSize property to something other than Size.Empty?

I just had another thought, try moving your maximize code from the Load handler to the Shown handler.

Here's another thought a dialog form without a control box and no text has no title bar. enable autosize, autosizemode growandshrink, windowstate maximized, and size equal to the MDIParent.size, and the form will show maximized inside the parent, with no title bar, and will autosize with the parent. Since you want to create it dynamically, designing it in the VS designer then copying the code from the designer file, should give you everything you need.

i used following code

with me
    .windowState = maximized
    .formBorderStyle = nonw
end with

function dis()
    return vbNull
end function

But it executes first function then it is getting maximized...
What to do? My function depends on size, i want to maximized first then function call.

Have you tried setting the form properties in designer mode instead?

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I am beginning to suspect that the issue is the MDI taskbar that shows up when you maximize a child form. I have attached a simple project for you to play with.


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But it executes first function then it is getting maximized...

if your code is in the load handler for the MDIParent the form won't show until the handler is finished. try adding Me.Show before you call the sub.

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Yes i got it... Thank you all guyes..
I just moved code to me.shown from me.load...