I have a sheet name 'rate' and another sheet name "master".
rate sheet has data as below

EmpCol1 rateCol1
a    1
b    2
c    3 etc...

and master has data as

empCol2 rateCol2

What i want to do is to get the rateCol1 from rate sheet and display infrom of the correct empCol2 .

how do i go this? do i have to write an lookup?

Yes, a vlookup will be perfect for this, but this post doesn't belong in the VB.NET forum.

thanks, where should i post questions relating to excel macro
how do i create array's in macro

Read here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/213798 , but I find it way easier to use the worksheet itself (or a new one if you don't want to mess with the existing).

In your case you just need to vlookup, which isn't a macro.

Please mark as solved anisha, thanx. :)

hi AndreRet i will still didn't solve my question
one i get it, will mark this as solved