Hi people,

I would like to learn how to create database applications which store the data entered by multiple users, process the data, and provide the data as requested by the user. Is it possible to write such an application by using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual C#?

I'm familiar with C, Fortran. I'm very good at Microsoft Access, but I have to admit that I am completely new to OOP.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me where to start. Which programming language should I learn first? Is there any particular book you can advise?


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Are you talking about an windows aplication or web?

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Are you talking about an windows aplication or web?

Your question looks very..."coursework" related and then you also ask what programming language to learn, even though you already said it has to be "Microsoft Visual C#"
Hmmm... :P

I suspect, in this case, the programming language you wish to learn is C#...

If you Google for Object Oriented Programming, C# SQL and C# WINFORMS, you should get all the information you need to actually make the program.
If you know C and Fortran already, you will have no trouble :)

Do you mean you wanna create DBMS.
The UI could be written in C or C# or something you want to. But any action the users do in UI that manipulates data have to generate SQL queries to modify the database.

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