hello everyone..i've vs2010 in my system..and i'm trying to build a simple web browser using webkit..could anyone please tell me what do i need to install to be able to work on vs2010?? and a simple demo code about how to use the webkit sdk..i've searched a lot on google..but haven't been able to find something useful so far

What does webkit do?

Webkit is the browsing engine used by Safari and Chrome. It's open source and cross platform.

@OP: If you really really want WebKit, you could try using the QtWebKit port.

I doubt I'm fully aware of what webkit is and does, but can't you just use dotnet for this type of thing?

thank you all for the reply..actually, i want to do WebKit in vc++..if we use QtWebkit will my browser be dependent upon the QtWebkit plugins to run??