Hello, I ajust need a help here. I have 2 tables in my database (ms access)

table1 = employees
table2 = eID

In employees table I have a column name "myimage" in "OLE Object" data type

I just want to copy the cell value in table "employees" at column "myimage" where ID is equal to the current cell value of my datagridview to update cell in table "eID" column "empImage" ID = 1

Any help will be much appreciated :)
thank you in advance


I'm a bit rusty with this but I don't think you can just copy over the value from one table to another. I think you will have to stream the image out of one table and then put that stream of binary data back in the other table.

I assume you have code to upload the image to the database and read the image in from the database... In this case, you will be combining them both in reverse i.e. read the image from the database and upload it to the other table.

Thanks for the concept :) I already made it to work. :)