Hi friend ,
I am new in programming. I am having a table named as bill and i wanted to generate crystal report for invoice purpose,and report will contain Sr.No,ProductName,Weight, Rate, Total ,VAT and a final GrandTotal as final amount sum of the Total of multiple product.Bill will be generating based on SrNo which will be coming from a different form, Back is MS-Access.Billl will be generating like a formal bill with multiple product details and vat and sum of those products and VAT at the end .someone plz help me ...Thanks in advance..

First, I should say that CR is not going to filter table out, so you should filter them first in VB.Net.
You should create 2 tables:
Table 1 contains: Sr.No, Sr Name,etc. and a final GrandTotal (which was calculated in VB.Net). Only have 1 row and works as the main information. This table will be added to the HeadReport section on CR so that will only be shown once in report.
Table 2 contains: Detail ProductName,Weight, Rate, Total ,VAT which filter with Sr.No and have multiple rows. This table will be added to Detail section on CR so that will show multiple values in report.

Thanks for rply but i got that throught access query, I created a n access query and binded that report with that query, Instead of binding with normal database table..

Then you should create a GroupObject, you group with Sr.No as key. Then, at the end of each group you set AddNewPage, so you could have each group on different pages. Then do SUM on Group to have the value GrandTotal per page.

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