Dear all,
i am soon entering 11th grade and will be studying c++ in full length. I want to learn another language to compliment it which can provide me the freedom to over a variety of devices and paltforms. I have chosen asm(assembly) as i think it very basic to all systems. I have had som difficulty in finding tutorials for it. Please suggest a language and also provide where can i have the detailed tutorials.
Thanks in advance.

Assembly language is TOTALLY platform dependent. IE, x86 code is very different from ARM code, from MIPS code, from Itanium code, PowerPC code, etc. Obviously, x86 is the currently most common denominator, so I would suggest that you purchase (or download) from the Intel web site the current x86 assembler reference documents. My last version is for pre-Pentium class processors so it wouldn't help much for modern processors.

FWIW, I don't know of any/many tutorials for assembly language programming, mostly due to the issues mentioned above. However, there may be some for the Intel x86 family of chips. In any case, here are some links that Google found for me: