I'm trying to make a simple IM program. I created a server and client that connects specifically to my computer using Winsock2.h

I tested it and it works from my computer to my server, from my roommates computer to my server, the library computer to my server, but I had a friend in a different town test it and I keep getting 10061 timeout error.

I was thinking it was a firewall problem from my internet provide server, but I don't know, and I was hoping if someone could tell me what is preventing the connection, and if possible if I could get around it in my program or if I have to talk to a network technician to get it allowed.


If you're sure that there's no firewalls interfering, then the ISP is blocking something. What port are you trying to run it on?

I'm using the 4000 port and also tried 4222.

MSN works between you and your friend, right? Try running the program on port 1863 (I think...)

No, it still didn't work.

I'm more of wondering if there is something I should be, I don't know, "registring" to my isp's server telling it that I'm not a virus.

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