Hi All,

We have an old application running on VB 4.0. We need to find out whether this code can be analyzed easily to identify issues/defects so that we can increase the code maintainability and in turn also help us in improving the performance of the system.

Any tools which are readily available to do this? Please provide your key inputs on this.

Best Regards,

If you say analizing the code, do you mean the actual code itself? Also, what would you like to check?

Is the app crashing? Is the app running but slow? etc...

The app is up and running in production but we need to fine tune the code further so that it leads to better performance of the system. Hence, I thought that if we analyze the code which are hampering this then we would change such things.

This is what I have used before. Not sure it will work with vb4 though, we are talking about 13 - 16 years ago :)

You can also have a look at this link. It might contain what you are looking for...

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