I am creating a project in turbo c++ and it is based on kids and i want to implement the speech like it will speak(a for apple).so is it possible to do this?and if possible then please help me out.

Google for Text-To-Speech libraries. Rolling your own will be very difficult. If you can limit your app to Windows, I think Microsoft has a speech library.

Yes, MS has a speech functionality that can accessed even in command line programs.

Look at the sapi.h library.

It is unclear to what exactly you want to do in terms of "Speech". Do you just want to output what they are typing? For example:

typed: a
the voice would say: "A for apple"

This wouldn't be too difficult, however, if you wanted to implement an algorithm that can identify what someone is saying, then it would be more difficult so probably best to use a library if you have no background in Signal Processing (The mathematics are intensive).

Post back a full description (in a lot more detail) to what it is exactly you want to do.