I am making a basic comand line program that does conversions in python and i want to add more conversions to it without scripting. so you can command the program something like

(you command the PC)     add new_conversion
(The PC ask)       name the new_conversion: *here you enter your function name*

then in the end you get a function like this:

def kiloMile(n, km):
    if type(n) != int:
            return "Error 1", "Unexpected variable."
    elif km == "k":
        mile = n * 0.621371
        return mile
    elif km == "m":
        kilometers = n * 1.60934
        return kilometers
        return "Error 1", "Unexpected variable."

is this posible to edit the program through the program.

thanks in advance

It should be possible, but would anybody trust the program after a while?
I can see a dictionary with lambda functions, that can be pickled to save it.

would anybody trust the program after a while?

It is just to add your own conversions I would say, otherwise i can create some sort of function that place all the custom conversions in a conf file.

i do this acctualy to practice my skills... and learn new stuf... Yes I do think the Dictionary aproach is way better byt I like to make my own stuff one in a while... You dont need to reinvent the wheel but you must build your own to understand the tools better

You need to save your updates and a dictionary is ideal to do this with. Python has module shelve to make a 'persistent to file' dictionary automatically. Very powerful stuff indeed!