I am trying to use such a hexadecimal floating constant "0x0.DAB789B" in java but it gives me java.lang.NumberFormatException. How can I convert hexadecimal float constant to decimal? I know how to convert hexadecimal int constant but that does not work for float constant.

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Try the following: Double.parseDouble("0x0.DAB789Bp0").
The p0 means that the part on its left side is multiplied by ( 2 ^ 0 ) = 1.


  • Double.valueOf (Java API - referred to from the API documentation of Double.parseDouble)
  • Hexadecimal Floating-Point Literals (Blog - Joseph D. Darcy)
  • Floating-Point Literals (JLS - 3.10.2):

    A floating-point literal has the following parts: a whole-number part, a decimal or hexadecimal point (represented by an ASCII period character), a fractional part, an exponent, and a type suffix.
    A floating point number may be written either as a decimal value or as a hexadecimal value.
    For decimal literals, the exponent, if present, is indicated by the ASCII letter e or E followed by an optionally signed integer.
    For hexadecimal literals, the exponent is always required and is indicated by the ASCII letter p or P followed by an optionally signed integer.