I would like to save and load a listview and all of its contents.
But, also, I want to make a combobox with all of the configurations of the listview.
So you could add another one via a settings menu, or load one using the combobox.

Many thanks in advance.

Good luck with that, and do let us know how we can help you.

PS: Read the rules and especially the part that says: "Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

Should I post the code I have already? This isnt a school or work assignment.

I only know how to save and load listviews by their own into textfiles so far.
I'm having problems with the combobox and menu part. Could somebody help?

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Basically your code will go into the click handler of the menu item or the indexchanged handler of the combobox. One option to consider is using resx files. With these you can save whole objects with ease and load them again after. Also since you give each one a unique name, you can easily load a list of available ones to load. Since you're dealing with whole objects you don't have to parse the data inside, or rebuild the configuration of it. MSDN has a pretty article on working with resx files.

Or, is there a way to detect every text file it can find, and automatically add it to the list?

import System.IO, and use the Directory.GetFiles method. Read the article in the link. You can use the For Each loop to add them.