I'm wanting to create a while loop that asks the user if he wants to run the program or not... very basic... I know. I was wanting the prompt to ask the user to input "Y" or "y" to have the program run. Like this:

programStart = str(input("Please press 'y' or 'Y' to start the program"))
while programStart == "Y" or programStart == "y":
    #program runs
    programStart = str(input("Please press 'y' or 'Y' to restart the program"))

But it sends me an error message. why is this sending an error message not recognizing the users input??

ps: this while loop works with integers. (if I have the user press 1 to start the program.)

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Your program works fine in python 3.2, You do not need str in front of the user inputs, if something doesn't work in your code try using 'print' statements, like I have with your code here:

programStart = input("Please press 'y' or 'Y' to start the program")
while programStart == "Y" or programStart == "y":
    programStart = input("Please press 'y' or 'Y' to restart the program")
# Python2 uses raw_input() for strings and input() for numbers
# Python3 uses input() for strings

# ----------------------------------------------
# add these few lines near the start of you code
import sys
# make string input work with Python2 or Python3
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
    input = raw_input
# ----------------------------------------------

programStart = input("Please enter 'y' to start the program: ").lower()
while programStart == "y":
    #program runs
    programStart = input("Please enter 'y' to restart the program: ").lower()
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