Hi, i am a university student that wants to create a grading system, for the college that i work at. Basically i want to create a wizard where the students will need to enter their name and the course that they are studying. When the students selects their course, it will display a list of possible units, where they can select a different number of units depending on their course. My students are doing BTEC's so they have a number of criterias they need to hit before they get a pass, merit, distinction. So to get a pass they will need to do P1, P2, P3, P4 (for example), and when they achieve all P criteria then they get a pass. What would be the best language to design such a peice of software. I know VB and C++, however i am willing to learning any additional if these languages are unsuitable.

Thanks in advance


Which ever language you're strongest in. Out of VB and C++ I'd sat C++.

C# wouldn't be too hard for you to pick up if you're looking for a new language and it's widely used so theres plenty of resources available.