What are advantieges of Ruby over Python and vise versa? Then in your opinion wich one is better for all around programming on linux and windows?

Python has been written to have a clear and readable syntax.

Ruby allows for a lot of symbolism similar to Perl. It saves you some typing, but makes things harder to read and understand.

Much of the use of Ruby can be attributed to a web development framework called Rails, or ‘Ruby On Rails’.

For all around programming Python has the better features and support.

I am new to Python and currently using 2.7 with the latest updates. I am not using anything other than IDLE to build products for my online only Object-Oriented Programming class at TIU. I know a lot of folks are self taught using the online material but I haven't programmed anyting in quite some time and only took Turbo Pascal before in 1995. Does anyone have any recommendations on other software that might be beneficial? I am finding it hard to understand stacks on some of the homework and was just wondering if there is anything out there that might help me understand how they work a little better. I guess it gets easier with experience but I feel like I am falling behind because some of our homework is leaning ahead before we have studied what we have to program. Is there another online school that has a better Computer Science program? Trident doesn't have class time per say, just assignments that must be done every two weeks and I'm finding it hard without the feedback. Thanks.

Stacks are used in assembly language a lot to store data. Python is a much higher language and stacks are rather transparent in use.

Python has a module called deque (double_ended_que) with methods appendleft() and popleft() which behave like the push and pop of a stack.

Ruby does not support keyword arguments in functions, something I have been using with Python a lot.