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Can I show input cursor in a non-focused RichTextBox?

In my project, I have a RichTextBox and a ListView control. The focus should be on ListView control. I could handle the KeyPress and KeyDown events of ListView and re-directed to RichTextBox to enable typing. But how can I show cursor on RichTextBox.

RichTextBox.focus() cann't be called. The focus must be in ListViewControl (like combobox ). Any Idea....?

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You don't need to put the cursor back into the text box. Simply intercept the key being pressed in your keydown/up and update the string in your textbox with the new character. You may need to call refresh on your textbox control afterwards.


Yes I did it. I can intercept the key press events in Listview to textbox. But I need to show the cursor in textbox when the ListView has the focus. How....?


Why do you need to show the cursor in the box? I think without override the OnPaint event, you won't be able to.

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