Hi All,

Can I show input cursor in a non-focused RichTextBox?

In my project, I have a RichTextBox and a ListView control. The focus should be on ListView control. I could handle the KeyPress and KeyDown events of ListView and re-directed to RichTextBox to enable typing. But how can I show cursor on RichTextBox.

RichTextBox.focus() cann't be called. The focus must be in ListViewControl (like combobox ). Any Idea....?

You don't need to put the cursor back into the text box. Simply intercept the key being pressed in your keydown/up and update the string in your textbox with the new character. You may need to call refresh on your textbox control afterwards.

Yes I did it. I can intercept the key press events in Listview to textbox. But I need to show the cursor in textbox when the ListView has the focus. How....?

Why do you need to show the cursor in the box? I think without override the OnPaint event, you won't be able to.

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