i have a datetimepicker with format dd.MM.yyyy.. when i have, for example, date 14.02.2011, save it and then want to enter 31.12.2011 then datetimepicker validator doesnt allow me to enter 31 because of month 02 inside, so it set automatically 29 in the datetimepicker. in this case, i have to go to change a month and then back to change a day.. is there a way to switch off this validation?
thanks beforehand

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I'm wondering why you would want to use a keyboard, when you have a wonderfull tool like DateTimePicker.Just a few mouseclicks and your date is selected in no time!

i thought about this question, good that my boss dont read it :))) our application is orientated on customers who have to enter in ones big amount of data so possibility of fast using keyboard is one of necessary point for them.. is it enough explanation or need more details?

Well, in that case, just use textboxes and do ALL the validation you want in your code. Happy programming. :)

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Well, in that case, just use textboxes and do ALL the validation you want in your code.

On a somewhat related note, most (perhaps all) of my clients who are keyboard oriented for speed will have needs beyond basic dates as well, which makes textual input for the usual date controls insufficient. For example, I've written a "quick date" validation method several times to handle things like 010101 (ie. 2001-01-01). A text box is pretty much the only option there because date controls puke on the compact form.

thank you very much for your answers.. so i will take a look for a solution with text box

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