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Good Day! I would like to ask if this is doable. I am instructed to create a program/service that will log all user's activity. Like for example, the user opened internet explorer and navigate to www.google.com, the log will be:

Time Started--------Time Ended---------Activity
8:30AM      --------8:45AM    ---------User opened Intenet explorer and navigated to www.google.com

Need you idea and inputs here. The purpose of this program is to monitor the employees activities and idle times.


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It's probably doable but, I think, quite complicated. I would think that you'd need to monitor logon/logoff, keyboard/mouse activity, running processes, active processes, and maybe more. Some if not all of these would require API functions to do, which is not for the faint of heart. Buying someone elses software might be a more desirable solution.

One relatively simply solution, though I'm not sure how effective, or practical, is to take a screen capture every second or so and store the picture with a time stamp in a database.

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