I am the student of computer systems engineering...

i have to submit my proposal in 1 month for my final year project.

so can any one suggest some good java based final year projects for me ?

Plz tell the ideas as much as u can..
and reply as soon as possible

Thanks !

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If it were my project I would choose to write a compiler for a programming language that I designed myself. The complexity of the language would depend upon how much time I had.

Thinking in that same direction, I might also want to create a library for Java virtual machine bytecode. None of the libraries that I've ever see are pearls of beauty and perfection, and making a better one is always possible. If I had enough time for my project, I might do both a compiler and a bytecode library for my compiler to use.

See here for all the technical details needed to create a bytecode library: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jvms/se7/html/index.html

You may also need some sort of Prolog parser and interpreter for doing formal verification of your bytecode. A Java virtual machine would do that for you, but if I were making a bytecode library for a big final project I would want it to be able to do verification.

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That's a cool suggestion ;)

there are tons of reasons why we can't/shouldn't do that. but there is a sticky thread on top of this forum with ideas just for that. have you checked it out?


That thread is for beginners and all of the projects there are probably too simple for a serious final project. It's worth reading the thread for ideas, but I doubt Tic-tac-toe or a calculator would be sufficient. Even sokoban wouldn't be likely to impress anyone if it is proposed as a project. You would at least need animation so the project becomes about making a multithreaded application.

We could have a thread for people who know Java already and are looking for ideas for more challenging projects. For example, you can step the challenge of making a sokoban game up a notch by turning it into a first-person perspective game with ray-tracing 3D. Ray tracing is nice because it can give you excellent light effects with very little effort, so it would stand a chance of blowing away all the other final projects, and the grid structure of a sokoban game makes ray tracing easier than it would be for general purposes.


yup, that is right.... but is there anything in his post except for "final year project" that you can use to decide what his experience is?
I've seen students using this term for several things: the project in their final year, the final project in their year (which could just as well be their first year), ...

for all I know he has had one week's worth of Java, and his professor 'll be impressed by getting a simple application showing a bit of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, the use of Collections, a little Threading, ....

posts like the one above are (in my opinion) way to vague to provide an answer that 'll be helpfull, that's just my point. I don't know whether he has programming as main courses (with a lot of points depending on Java) or that his studies are more DB oriƫnted, and he's just supposed to know what the main OO principles are.

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