i am trying to create an image in which i am drawing a chess board with multiple colors and Drawing a string on it.
but the string is not always drawn. sometimes it is drawing half charecter. I hv tried AddString it also doesnt work.
plz help it is really urgent...


Can you post your OnDraw code?

Supose I have a car that starts, but I tell you it won’t bring me from point A to point B. Would you know what was wrong? Could you solve my problem?
Supose I would send you a picture of my not working car and you would immediately notice that it was missing four wheels? You could tell me that, problem solved. Right?
Why don’t you do the same by sending us a piece of your code?

Good thing you specified to send a piece of his code. Otherwise you could have received a photo of a car missing it's wheels. :)

@pitic: Do not think so. Why I started my post with the word analogy?