I was just wondering if someone could maybe set me on the right track or tell me exactly how to do what I am about to ask. I have a bunch of answers in a notepad file, such as TFTABCD (going downwards, a letter per line), how can I make a program of some sort to take those answers and insert them into a webpage, such as an ExamView page?


These answers need to be directly inserted in order.

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yea....trying to get this in java, but I guess html can also be a possibility. Don't know how this would work exactly...

is it really possible?? i dont think so..

You could make a java console application that reads in the file data, and generates an html file from it.

of course this is possible. but then we're talking about jsp, jsf, gwt, ... or some other front-end framework.
it's basically the same as printing it in the console:
array of chars
for each char, print/write a line that displays that char.

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