here's the problem:

iam able to make my panel transprent on my main mdi container but when i move my panel to the place where my mdi child form is being shown in my mdi container the panel isnt transparent or i cannot see through the panel. any solution you can gave...

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I really don't have any idea about what a mdi is, but I'll take two huge guesses, maybe it'll help, who knows...

  1. Does the mdi child form is transparent as well?
  2. Maybe when the panel is moved, some event is fired and triggers an routine that updates the panel opacity/background

mdi is a form within a form...

nope the mdi child isnt transaparent and i think another no for the event trigger...

i think its something to do with the parenting of the panel. because mdi child is a diffent form so the panel wont recognize it and wont go transaparent...im looking for the solution for this problem...


How did you created your mdi child? Is it programmatically or a separate form made during design time? How did ou make your panel transparrent? If you used the a transparrent backcolor, create an event that will follow the backcolor of your mdi child when your panel move over that mdi child.

The idea is to mimic the backcolor of the mdi child

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