I am developing a VB6 application which connects with an Access 2010 database.
I want the application to execute queries stored in the database.
Some of the queries include Access functions in field names.
For example- FieldName: IIf(Nz([AnotherFieldName],0)=0,3,[AnotherFieldName])"
Is there a way in VB6 to execute the queries natively in the Access database?
A code example would be very helpful.


I'm not sure what the above is for...

In vb6, open connection. open recordset. code should look similar to this -

If rs!Fieldname1 = rs!fieldname2 Then
    ''code here to handle returned boolean of true
    Msgbox "field1 is equal to field2"
End If

do you mean executing triggers what we have in other database engine ?


The NZ function allows for substituting a Value for a Null. Something like this:


is analogous to:

If [AnotherFieldName] is Null Then
   [AnotherFiledName] =0
End If

If  [AnotherFieldName]  = 0 Then
    Return 3
    Return [AnotherFieldName]
End If


The expression should be processed by the database engine as it is stored in Access, so I do not believe it should be any different than running any other selection query. Say the Access Query is named Q1, the the SQL query should be something like: "Select * From Q1"


Try something like this...

"Select IIF(IsNull(MyFldName), 0, MyFldName) From MyTable"