Hello Everyone,

How can I verify if an date type field is empty?

I tried: I_MENOP_NA00_OOPH_DT_3994 eq "" but it does not work for a partial date type field.

 <RuleDef OID="MENOPAUSAL_STATUS_V21RULE12" Name="OOPH Provided But Procedure Date Not Provided">
    <Description>If OOPH is marked Yes, the Procedure Date should be provided.</Description>
    <Expression>I_MENOP_NA00_OOPH_9377 eq 1 and I_MENOP_NA00_OOPH_DT_3994 eq ""</Expression>

Ok. So I found out that for the software I am using (OpenClinica) at least, there is no way to write rule against a partial date type field. I would have to create the field as a regular date or simply not have any rules against it.

I wil have to change the case report form design...

Just wanted to let you guys know, in case someone have the same problem.

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