hello guys,
i am doing a project in c(for college mini project) " to get the status of the I/O devices connected to the PC"
pl give me suggestion as i am completely new to this system software concepts.
guys pl suggest me some valuable resources, links or codes. because i am student and i have to start my project from the scratch..
thanks in advance

with regards,

i am trying to make a project that is- a car with two motors. i wanted to give commands from c tothe motors through the parellel(25 pin) port from the pc . but this is not really easy as then.

at starting on my research on this topic i found that this can never be done on a windows xp,7,8. ason these C compiler works on DOS box. which does not allow access to theposts and serialbusses ofthe pc !

but this is possible on windows 98/me. so im just finding a pc in good condition with windows 98 running.!

Comin gto your topic i find it is the same that you want to know the presence of periferals at the ports for that you have to access all the ports and know that on which port the circuit is being completed ! !

So please get to your project incharge to collaborate things ! and if you find an alternative to my suggestion then please let me also know !1 im tooa student googlng like you ! :) good luck