hello, i was only wondering if there were other ways of making a quadratic formula calculator in python.
i recently made one my self by making a module i named quadratic which is shown below:

def get_coefficients():
    a = float(raw_input('a = '))
    b = float(raw_input('b = '))
    c = float(raw_input('c = '))
    return (a,b,c)

def calculate_solutions(a, b, c): 
    if a == 0:
        return None
        under_radical = b*b - 4*a*c
        if under_radical < 0:
            return None
            root = math.sqrt(under_radical)

            solution1 = (-b + root) / a * 2
            solution2 = (-b - root) / a * 2
            return (solution1, solution2)

def print_solutions(solutions):
    if solutions == None:
        print 'no solution'
        print solutions[0]
        print solutions[1]

i then made the actual program:

import quadratic

print 'hello quadratics'

a,b,c = quadratic.get_coefficients()
solutions = quadratic.calculate_solutions(a, b, c)

again, i was only wondering if there were other ways of doing this, thank you.

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You can make your module give real and complex solutions.

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