I am making a desktop application using vb.net and oracle and crystal repot. How can I upload the application on the web?

For creating web page:
upload css and HTML files to the web server using FTP(if the contents are incompleted, but still can see on the web)

For the application:
vb.net .exe files to the web application server using FTP???
How about oracle database contents???
Incompleted application can upload on the web too???

I never do this and now reading a "how to" reference on the web. But I can't quite get how it works... All the web site was too professional and hard to understand for a beginner like me.
Is Anybody can help?

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but a web based application and a desktop application are two different things. Do you mean you want the clients to be able to install the application from a web site? or do you mean create a web enabled / web based version of your application?

Thank you for your reply. It sound a lot harder than I thought...
I'd like to know if I can make my application to see and can use on the web without client to install it. (I guess that called web enabled/web based version. sorry I really don't know the terms...)

If desktop application and web based application are two different things, then should I remake my application using different language from the begining? or I can somehow modify or add something to make it web based version?

The easiest might be to put the functions, subs you need into a code library(.dll). That way when you add it as a reference and import(vb)/using(C#) it you can use the routines in your new web app. This will simplify your learning curve somewhat. What I've found that works for me is to put any routines I want to save, into a separate class file, with a different namespace. The biggest change I generally have to make is instead of referencing my controls directly, I make the routine a function and return the data type to use in the control. Once I get my program to work properly again, that file can be copied into a new code library project and compiled as a .dll.

Thank you for your reply.
vb.net cannot use for web based application? I am starting to get confused...

I used oracle 10gR2 to create a database and create GUI with visual studio 2008 used vb.net windows form. The application perform select, insert, delete the data from windows form application into oracle database and create the report using crystal report in visual studio 2008.
Right now, I have to bring my PC in order to show my application to my friends. If it is possible, I want to put my application on the web in order to get more suggestions or opinion from more people.

If I need to write a new web app with c#, I have to learn c#....
I know c++, but does c# similar to c++???

A lot of the syntax is very similar, but you'll probably find C# much easier to use, especially with the Intellisense support in Visual Studio. I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think you can program asp.net with vb. One way to tell, is see if there is a project template for Asp.net in VB.

Thank you very much again.
If "a lot of the syntax is very similar", and "much easier to use", then I will try to learn c#.
Also it looks like possible to program asp.net with vb.net.
I will play with visual studio's ASP.NET web service applicaion and ASP.Net web application templates for a while.

I remember using visual web developer in a class. Is it easier to use visual web developer for web based application?

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