Help Write a Basic Program to convert number from 0 to 999999 in words
In Qbasic or Java Programming language

Have you read the terms and conditions of Daniweb?

Just a hint as you are new, Daniweb is not the place to ask for code to be written for you, instead you should ask for help on a specific part. It is very important you show what you have done so far (this way you shall learn better).
Start by creating an algorithm (instructions) on how you would go about solving your problem, then look into what functions you will need, how it would piece together etc.

Good luck!

don't make demands if you are not expecting to pay us. show us your effort and we will invest our effort in assisting you whether we care or not.

also: "in QBasic or Java", why would you post anything in here about QBasic?

that is true.... also i have never heard of it until now :)