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Do you mean you want to show a particular panel depending on the user OR do you want different panels which the user can switch between.

If it's the first option simply use panels and show and hide them as is required.

If It's the latter you should use the tabpage control.


To Ketsuekiame, I am not using WPF out there.. this is just a normal conrols in asp.net.

To ChrisHunter, Let me Expalin: Look, I Have 20 Custom Control pages called sections..
let's take one scenario-admin user has selected 10 Sections. so as do admin selected only 10. client can able to see those selected sections.Rest of the sections will not be appear but here the problem is i am using custom controls for those sections and i have to load those section based on admin selection and it will appear into client screen.
hope i am clear.

Thanks guys for ur reply..

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