on mac is there a different way to turn eclipse project to runable files?

i right click on project and select export. than i went under java than runnable jar files. this lanuch a "runable jar file export" window. on it there is "lancuh configuration" option. when i click on it, its empty i cant choose any thing.

so i on "run configurations" window. right on "new lanuch configuration". i fill the project and applet. then i went back to "runable jar file export" window and still nothing. i cant select any thing.

may be there something different on mac side i am doing wrong. any ideas?

i have a project and i am trying to make it to jar files so i can run it from anywhere. problem is that i am trying for 3 weeks and its not working for me. i tried look up online but nothing works.

if i send you my project can some one plz make it to runable jar file? let me know if you can help me out and i can email you the project.