what is jquery ?

What is java script and what are prerequirements for learning javascript ?

What is the diiference between advance java and core java ?

What is AJAX ?

As i am beginner to JAVA and want to learn about java and thats y i am asking this question .....??

Thank you

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first of all:
jquery, javascript and ajax are not really related to Java.

jquery is a library/framework in JavaScript.
JavaScript is a scripting language, prerequisites, being willing to put in some effort, I guess.

advance Java vs core Java? good question, since not everybody that says "advance Java" means the same. a simple answer: being able to work with frameworks.

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

if you are a beginner in Java that wants to learn about Java:

ignore JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, ...

buy a decent book and stick with it, or start with the sticky thread on top of the Java forum.

My suggestion for the book that you should be reading (if you only want to learn Java from the basics and gradually advancing to higher levels) is Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel. It is really helpful n useful.

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